Is this course for you?

Do you work full time? Not a lot of time to do research on stock market? Want to learn how to invest in the stock market and have passive income? Don't want to work forever hurting your back? Want to build wealth?

Then this course may be for you.

This course is made with YOU in mind~ you work so hard for your money, why not make your money work too?

Presented by: Ellaine, MSN NP-C, CFEI

(Nurse Practitioner, Certified Financial Educator, Investing Nerd and your FIN *LIT* Nurse Bestie)


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This course is specifically made for healthcare professionals (Nurses, NPs, PAs, CNAs, RTs, medical assistants) who wants to make their money work for them!

    In this course you will learn:

    • How to get started with Investing and What You Need to Do Before Investing
    • Why Invest?
    • Introduction to Stock Market
    • How to Pick the Right Broker
    • Type of Investment Accounts + Investment Approach
    • Investment Hierarchy for Full Time Workers
    • Risk Tolerance + Asset Allocation
    • How to invest in Index funds/Mutual Funds/ ETFs + Tickers
    • Types of stock and How to pick individual stocks
    • Dividend Investing- Passive Income!
    • Investing Strategies
    • Taxes and Fees for Investments
    • Retirement Investing, How to Retire Early
    • FREE: FIRE Tool Kit (Net worth allocation sheet, Cashflow/ ($47 value)
    • FREE: Basic Cryptocurrency Investing ($97 value)